Income Allocation Core Concepts

This interactive learning and training session teaches key principles that producers can implement in their insurance practice to change the conversations they are having with clients to potentially lead to more business. The 4-hour session will cover in detail:

  • Market exposure and volatility
  • Inflation risk
  • Longevity Risk
  • Withdrawal rate risk
  • Sequence of returns risk

We will explore each topic in extensive detail and arm producers with the power phrases and relevant data to properly educate prospects and clients. These events are a great opportunity to learn more about GamePlan and see if attending an Income Allocation University would be a good fit.

Income Allocation University

When your clients retire and their paychecks no longer arrive, how will that income be replaced? Discover how your clients may receive a steady stream of income in retirement like they did in their working years with GamePlan’s Income Allocation strategy. At this information-packed 3-day event, you will learn how to show prospective clients a strategy including fixed index annuities to help manage two of retirement’s greatest risks: longevity risk and sequence of returns risk. Developed and field-tested by active top producers, this comprehensive system has helped hundreds of producers uncover new fixed index annuity sales opportunities. Upon completion of this event, you will have full access to our turn-key selling system!

Income Allocation Grad School

Held once annually, this is both a deep dive as well as a refresher course for anyone currently implementing the Income Allocation principles. During this interactive 2-day workshop with the creator of the Income Allocation sales platform, attendees will reinforce their knowledge of the selling concept, fine-tune their technique and strategize with course mentor, David Gaylor, and peer producers regarding challenges they may be experiencing with implementation or closing.

Business Building Workshops

Intended for financial professionals at all levels of production, these “Lunch and Learn” workshops are typically 3-hours or less, and cover a variety of topics that provide greater insight into general practice management and best practices for increasing insurance production.

Our “Secrets of Success” workshop with GamePlan Producer Mentor, Gary Reed, is an interactive, 6-hour session geared toward producers doing less than $2M of annual fixed index annuity production or life insurance equivalent, although all could benefit from this training. This event includes Gary’s insights into running a successful practice from soup to nuts, including the hows and whys of hosting dinner seminars and Retirement TableTalk events. Contact GamePlan today for a schedule of upcoming training opportunities.

Master Advisory Group (MAG)

GamePlan’s MAG is a study group comprised of top producers who are all not only serious about their craft, but also about providing and accepting productive feedback. MAG producers meet around the country multiple times each year in discussion sessions guided by GamePlan’s Producer Mentors. It’s producers helping producers – what’s working, what’s not, what are the new trends, and more. As a result of these discussions, GamePlan is able to tailor new platforms to better serve your needs – the idea for our own College Course platform was initiated in a MAG discussion! MAG seats are limited, so if you’re interested in learning more, contact GamePlan for more details today.


Monthly Webinars

Looking for a few insurance marketing or sales tips to kick off your sales? In 30 minutes or less, GamePlan's monthly “Take Your Business to the Next Level” webinars will help you focus your marketing efforts to help you reach the top of your game. Contact GamePlan today for a schedule of upcoming training opportunities.

Training opportunities offered by GamePlan Financial Marketing, LLC are available to insurance-licensed financial professionals only; they are not open to the general public.