GamePlan wants to be a key player in your strategy for Fixed Annuity products, Life Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi). With GamePlan on your team, you can expect fast response, extraordinary product knowledge, and unmatched service and support from one of the most reliable sales and marketing teams in the industry.

GamePlan was founded in 1992 by two health insurance agents who wanted to help independent agents grow their businesses. Their approach was innovative for the industry by focusing on a uniquely fun and fulfilling work environment that emphasizes personal relationships and trust between the agents and the GamePlan staff who serve them. Independent agents often need to select a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) to act as an intermediary with the insurance carriers whose products they sell.

Financial professionals nationwide have used GamePlan to write billions of dollars in Life Insurance, LTCi, and Fixed and Fixed Index Annuity premiums each year. GamePlan agents have businesses that range in size from husband-and-wife teams to dozens of people with dedicated practice areas as well as agents that are Registered Representatives of Broker/Dealers and/or Registered Investment Advisory firms.

Whatever your size or client base, GamePlan can provide the support you need for three types of financial products: Fixed Annuities, Life Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance.

Team up with GamePlan and Expect to Win!