Protect & Grow

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
– Benjamin Franklin

With all due respect to Mr. Franklin, in our industry we feel we need to add two more certainties: suitability and compliance. Recently the insurance industry has been going through many changes when it comes to monitoring agent sales and marketing strategies and recommending suitable sales. Suitability and compliance will continue to be a significant part of an agent’s everyday practice. If your current team is not talking to you about the changing landscape of suitability and compliance, you should probably consider working with a team that is actively helping you keep focus on the evolving regulatory environment. GamePlan wants to help protect you from regulatory scrutiny and your competitors in order for you to continue to build credibility with your clients.

To do just that, GamePlan offers in-house Suitability and Compliance Officers.

Meet Chuck Segal, our Suitability Officer, Heidi Gabel, Janice Baer and John DuMond, our Compliance Officers. Chuck is here to guide you and your applications through the suitability process, while Heidi, Janice and John offer compliance guidance for our agents on their various marketing initiatives and business practices. Working with them can help with your need for protecting your practice so you can focus on your clients.

Contact your GamePlan Sales Coach for more information about GamePlan's suitability and compliance processes.

Meet the Protect & Grow Team

GamePlan Financial Marketing, LLC does not provide legal advice. Please check the laws and regulations of each state where you do business
to ensure you are in compliance with the specific requirements of those states. Producers should follow the applicable state requirements
and requirements of the carriers they represent and their Broker/Dealer and registered investment adviser, if applicable.